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What is Probate?

Probate is its own independent court system that handles a multitude of cases. The majority of these cases under its control are what are known as Decedent’s Estates. This is the type of case that is opened when a person dies without a Trust and there are assets to distribute. Notice that we said Trust. That is because you can die with a will, and it still needs to go through the Probate Process so that the Court can grant authority to handle your affairs to your named representative in the will. This can be a challenging and confusing process (and even more so if you do not have executed a will in the first place.) So it is important to reach out to and Elder Law Attorney to help guide through this process, or to put instruments in place to avoid the situation all together.

Generally, in the probate case, the Court seeks to verify the status of assets that the deceased owns and ensure taxes are paid before approving administration. This goes against our beliefs at Stempien Elder Law, PLLC. We do not want to air out the dirty laundry, as we say. We want our private affairs with our own assets away from the prying eyes of the Court, and we help provide a plan to limit tax exposure as best as we can, sometimes completely. As the tax code always changes, it is important to mention that your estate plan’s tax benefits may change so it is imperative to review and update your plan periodically to ensure it is both accurate to your wishes and the most beneficial to your estate.

At Stempien Elder Law, PLLC, we are no strangers to offering probate services. We can help oversee the process of estate administration. We can also serve in an advisory capacity, providing the legal assistance that your selected executor may need and making the process simpler for them.

The probate process does not have to be stressful. All you need is to have the right legal partners by your side. Stempien Elder Law, PLLC is always ready to ensure that your interests are taken care of, even when you are not here. If you are looking for reliable probate attorneys in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, contact Stempien Elder Law, PLLC.

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