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Estate Planning

Protect Your Legacy with Stempien Elder Law, PLLC’s Estate Planning Service

Making sure your family knows how you want your assets and affairs handled in the event of your death or incapacitation is the goal of estate planning. However, beginning the procedure might feel daunting. Stempien Elder Law, PLLC can help ensure that your wishes are carried out and that you understand every step and every action taken.

Many people are unsure of what an estate planning attorney is, what they do and whether they are necessary. Attorneys specializing in estate planning collaborate with their clients and financial advisors to develop a personalized estate plan that meets each client’s needs.

Depending on your situation, a Stempien Elder Law, PLLC estate planning attorney might help you draft a will or other estate planning paperwork and make a list of your beneficiaries. We can also help with long-term care plans and advanced healthcare directives.

Our experts will help you select the trust that would best meet your needs, create trusts to safeguard and distribute assets before and after your death and figure out how to skip the probate procedure, among other things.

The knowledgeable estate planning lawyers at Stempien Elder Law, PLLC make sure you have a thorough, legally binding plan that can prevent disagreements, misunderstandings, and unneeded emotional strain after your passing.

Stempien Elder Law, PLLC will always be ready to provide you with working strategies for your needs, grant you access to legal counsel from experts who understand your circumstances, and also provide information about the laws that apply to your estate plan.


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