How Do Seniors Benefit from The Services of an Elder Law Attorney?

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Seniors Benefit from The Services of an Elder Law Attorney

How Do Seniors Benefit from The Services of an Elder Law Attorney?

Many people don’t see the need to work with an elder law attorney. The first question is, “What can an elder law attorney do that I can’t possibly pull off on my own?” This post will address all you need to know about the services rendered by elder law attorneys and how they can come in handy for seniors and their loved ones.

What is the job description of an elder law attorney?

Elder law attorneys represent senior citizens and those who care about them. A person who is elderly or disabled may be affected by a wide range of legal issues, and it is the job of an attorney to ensure their rights are protected at all times.

What Does Elder Law Encompass?

Elder law encompasses many issues facing seniors in our societies and their relatives. These issues include:

  • Guardianship,
  • Conservatorship,
  • Retirement,
  • Healthcare,
  • Advance directives,
  • Long-term care planning,
  • Social Security,
  • Veteran’s Affairs,
  • Medicare, and
  • Medicaid.

How Can Elder Attorneys Help You Keep Your Family Together

Seniors frequently make the mistake of assuming that, if something were to happen to their finances, a spouse or other close relative would automatically be able to make decisions on their behalf.

It is always a good idea to address, discuss, and tackle the difficulties that affect the lives and care of seniors through the correct legal documentation. This is necessary to prevent chaos if a time comes when they can no longer handle these issues themselves. Without legal documentation, families are forced to endure the costly and time-consuming process of asking the courts to grant them guardianship or conservatorship, which gives them the legal right to act on their loved one’s behalf. This airs out the dirty laundry of our private affairs. And if you ask this author, that is not what anyone wants. Its against our message at the firm, and it makes our private lives more public.

Delaying estate preparation with an elder lawyer result in additional issues and costs for a senior’s estate and well-being. We understand that legal arrangements can be painful for elders because they force them to face and consider their mortality. No one wants to do that. However, planning out the future with an elder lawyer will give you more power and more peace, knowing you have left everything in place and your family won’t fall into any form of dispute when you’re not there to manage them. Many think that signing such documents strips them of control over themselves. We disagree. It is our firm’s position (and this author’s deeply held belief) that these documents give you more control when you cannot make decisions, your Estate Plan tells the world what your wishes are, how you are to be treated and handled, and who can act on your behalf and exactly who receives and how they receive your property. Without these documents, you are subject to what either Michigan Law or a Michigan Court says, which may not align with your wishes.

What Legal Documents Presented by Elder Law Attorneys Do

Legal documents that specify your desires about end-of-life care, assets, and property disposition ensure that the law upholds your wishes.

This documentation is crucial for seniors because family members may want to take charge of the situation and handle your well-being when you are most vulnerable, whether out of moral or selfish motives. Seek out a well-regarded attorney who practices in both estate planning and elder law. They’ll take proactive steps to address your aging process and ensure that your preferences are honored now and in the future. Knowing that your wishes are known and legally recorded will provide you and your loved ones with a priceless sense of security. Reach out to us today!


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